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Welcome to Rainbow Falls! Jakobs ; based on the episode by M.

My Little Pony. Where the dead sit talking Hobson, Brandon, author. The organized mind : Daniel J. The one thing : Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. The art of noticing : ways to spark creativity, find inspiration, and discover joy in the everyday Walker, Rob, author. Less : a visual gude to minimalism Aust, Rachel, author. Scarcity : Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir. How a seed grows Jordan, Helene J.

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Helene Jamieson , author. An orange in January Aston, Dianna Hutts. Up in the garden and down in the dirt Messner, Kate, author. Rah, rah, radishes! The little red hen : a folk tale classic Galdone, Paul. The little red hen : an old story Zemach, Margot. From flower to honey Nelson, Robin, Chicka chicka boom boom Martin, Bill, Valente ; with illustrations by Ana Juan. The princess bride : abridged by William Goldman.

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Le Guin ; illustrated by Ruth Robbins. Lewis ; illustrated by Pauline Baynes. Montgomery ; adapted by Shelley Tanaka. Little Rock girl : by Shelley Tougas.

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All different now : Angela Johnson ; illustrated by E. Etched in clay : Andrea Cheng ; woodcuts by the author. The real Custer : from boy general to tragic hero Robbins, James S. Hoover : an extraordinary life in extraordinary times Whyte, Kenneth, author. The last voyageurs : retracing La Salle's journey across America : sixteen teenagers on the Adventure of a lifetime Boissoneault, Lorraine, author. I would meet Annabeth because she is smart and strong, plus her mom is my favorite Greek goddess Athena.

I would like to meet Katniss Everdeen! Except I would want her to meet me at my house so I could see her reaction to everything, would she freak out, or would she keep her cool? Greg cartoon drawing version of him and George and Harold and Mr. I would be invisible forever. She is also very fun. She would be a great friend. Usually, people see him in huge fluffy costumes, but to meet him in person is completely different. If I can meet any, I will pick Percy Jackson.

I would want to meet Mr. Also they love to play funny pranks on each other. If I could meet a character, mmm oh, maybe Emily the mermaid! I am obsessed with Minnie and Mickey. When I was little, I read Minnie and Mickey books. So I have to choose Minnie and Mickey. I always stay focused on schoolwork and things, but when a class member mentions Minnie or Mickey, I go a little crazy! I would ask her how she deals with her brother and ask her for some advice on dealing with siblings.

I would like to meet Carter Kane and Sadie Kane. I could go on their adventures and learn Egyptian and do magic.


I could also fight cool monsters like Apophis and travel around the globe and meet Gods. I could put things in my magic locker and use my cool sword against villains who start talking about how they can destroy me and how the world will soon be his. I would tell Harry that I really admire him and I would ask him how he survives Potions without punching Snape in the face. I want to meet August because Wonder is my favorite book in the whole entire world.

Palacio because people make fun of him. I would stand up for him. I would meet Gabby because she is fun and adventurous and she is the braver one. If I could meet a book character it would be a four-year old boy with the name of Colton. I would like to because he died and went to Heaven and met his sister and his Grandpa who died at the age of Personally, if I could meet my favorite book character it would have to be Nancy Drew, the detective.

I always wonder what it would be like to meet her in a cold, dark, damp and dangerous attic while seeking an important clue.

I want to meet Attean from The Sign of the Beaver. I would want to be Attean because he kills a bear. I would like to kill a bear. I would like to meet Harry Potter because he is a wizard and can do interesting things with his wand. Drew Brees! I would like to meet Manny from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Evan is lucky and can drive buggies. I always want to drive a buggy. I would want to meet Nancy Drew because she is just like me. She loves to detect and solve mysteries. I would love to meet Abby Coogan.

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She is one of the main characters in my book. I like Abby because she is funny. The characters that I would like to meet are Ari and Max from Maximum Ride because Ari can turn into a werewolf and Max can fly with her wings. I would like to meet Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy kid because Greg is my favorite character from the book.