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I paused, looked left and right, listened carefully then tiptoed slowly and silently along the polished wood corridor towards the room where my wife and her client were ensconced.

Pausing outside the bedroom door I stood as still as I could and listened hard. The voices were was much clearer here though it was hard to hear them over the noise of my heart thumping. I stood stock-still, listening carefully. It was too indistinct to make out more than a handful of words but these were enough to send a thrill through my whole body.

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Had something gone wrong? If that happened he would meet a near-naked man with an erection and his ear pressed to the woodwork. There was a pause during which I heard nothing. Then I stepped back in amazement. Behind that closed door and only a dozen feet away, my lovely wife was being spanked. From the sharpness of the sounds, it was skin-on-skin too. Was she being hurt? Did I have to play my part as Pimp more realistically and intervene to save one of my whores from harm? My presence in that room would be highly unwelcome!


What else did the man have in mind? I listened close to the door again. Say so! Sorry Sir! Please Sir! Had I just heard my sweet wife have an orgasm merely from receiving a spanking? I stared at the closed door. Alice had never even hinted that she would like being spanked but the evidence was undeniable.

Whatever it was, I already knew with certainty that she would need it again. And again. For a few minutes there was quiet; apart from faint but insistent creaking sounds that I could now hear coming from the other bedroom — the one into which Julie and her client had disappeared.

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I turned my head towards the sounds and listened. The pace of creaking was slow and steady; whatever they were doing, it was unhurried and intended to last some considerable time. I padded silently to the other closed door and pressed my ear against it.

To my relief, the panel was thin too but again there was little to hear. Was she naked?


In her lingerie? With her dress around her waist? Was she on her back, legs spread? On her knees like a dog? On her side? And had his cock already been in her sweet, pretty mouth? Was it now in her vagina? In her rectum? To my surprise, my tummy churned with the terrible but oh-so-familiar cuckold anguish over pretty young Julie almost as much as it had over my own sweet wife. The purring sound was definitely Julie but she sounded as if she was just beginning to warm up. If that was the case, this could be a long session.

If her client played the game through to the end, it could be an expensive one for him too. Behind both closed doors the two new whores were being fucked by their supposed clients for money. It had been bad watching her with Steve; worse with Mitch but knowing the depths of her skinny body were being penetrated by a complete stranger; that she would do anything he asked and would be casually paid afterwards made my chest ache and my heart beat faster than ever before.

Either she had become even more expert at faking arousal or else she was being fucked expertly by that unknown man. Unconsciously I began to stroke myself in the low light of the hallway; my strokes in time with the thumping noises coming from the room. Oh God! Whoever her client was, he was giving my wife a thorough, body wracking orgasm and she was loving ever second of it. Oh yes! Oh my God Yes!

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Oooohhhhh yyyessss! My wife was climaxing loudly and wildly in bed once again; this time with a stranger and only feet away from me. And there was nothing I could do but listen in silence and feel the pain of her infidelity in my churning belly. Oh Yesss! I felt proud of my sweet, pretty wife, of her slender, boyish body, of her tiny breasts, of her pretty face, of her well-used vagina. The loud, animal sounds of his orgasm filled my ears for what seemed an age. Finally the sounds of the bed thumping and their combined orgasmic grunting began to slow until they finally ceased.

I pressed my ear to the door again and heard a low murmur in a deep male voice followed by a higher-pitched, light-hearted female giggle. I pressed my ear even closer to the door as the murmuring in both voices continued for a minute before silence fell. Were they starting again? I could hear nothing. I pressed my whole head against the door, straining hard for any clue as to what was going on but to my frustration could hear nothing What was that?

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A creaking of the bedsprings? I strained even harder in the darkness… Oh my God! Someone was coming towards the door! In sheer terror I ran from the doorway back into the kitchen as silently as I could, closing the door behind me, trapping my fingertips in the jamb in my hurry then cut the lights and sat on the floor in the furthest corner.

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There were footsteps, slow and male in the hallway outside, going towards the door then returning even more slowly past the kitchen where I was hiding. I closed my eyes and held my breath There was the sound of a shower running followed by the murmur of low, soft, relaxed conversation.

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I breathed out heavily and noisily, keeping as still as I could in the darkness. My heart thumped in my chest as I waited in silence, my head spinning from all I had heard and the images going round and round in my mind. There were footsteps outside the kitchen door.