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Psalm TNIV. Explore : When I was young I remember my mum coming to tuck me into bed. As with all good motherly sayings, I have now started saying the same thing to my boys. I will then take the sheets and tuck them all the way around their body saying,. Application : There are times in my life when I just want to curl up into bed and be as snug as a bug in a rug.

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We'll wait. The phrase first appears in print in the late 18th century. This quotation from a play staged by David Garrick, a celebrated Shakespearean British actor, in honor of the Bard is often cited as the earliest use aside: it was probably already part of the common contemporary vernacular, considering that the playwright would probably want to use a recognizable metaphor so as not to befuddle the general audience :.

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If she has the mopus's, I'll have her, as snug as a bug in a rug. Mopus being a slang word for "money," naturally. A epitaph penned by American statesman and philosopher Benjamin Franklin, memorializing a Miss Georgina Shipley's pet squirrel, is also often cited as an early example.

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In a letter to this family friend, Franklin writes:. Skugg is believed to be a nickname for the squirrel.

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Earlier use of a "snug as…" construction is "He sits as snug as a bee in a box, making his honey," which is from The Wooden World Dissected: In the Character of a Ship of War authored by Edward Ward in A similar phrasing goes back even further: "… let us sleep as snug as pigs in pease-straw," which is from a tragic play by Thomas Heywood titled A Woman Killed with Kindness.

Snug itself has nautical origins. It was first uncovered as an adjective in the 16th century to describe the trim, neat, compact design of a ship or its parts that made it seaworthy or to indicate that a ship was adequately prepared for a voyage or riding a storm out. Written by Himself. In time, the adjective was extended in meaning to indicate that a person had a neat or tidy appearance or that a piece of clothing fit closely but comfortably.

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The meanings of snug that suggest warmth, comfort, ease, and quiet contentment are already cozy in the English language by the 17th century in contexts referring to being snug in places like a hideout, a cabin with a warm fire, or in bed. The element bug in the expression "snug as a bug in a rug" is from Middle English bugge , which originally referred to either a scarecrow or a hobgoblin.

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