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Here is, I. The humble request which Abraham made to his neighbours, the Hittites, for a burying-place among them, v. It were well if all those who take care to provide burying-places for their bodies after death were as careful to provide a resting-place for their souls. Observe here,. Those that find themselves in danger of over-grieving for their dead relations, and are entering into that temptation, must take heed of poring upon their loss and sitting alone and melancholy. There must be a time of standing up from before their dead, and ceasing to mourn.

For, thanks be to God, our happiness is not bound up in the life of any creature. Care of the funeral may, as here, be improved to divert grief for the death at first, when it is most in danger of tyrannizing. Weeping must not hinder sowing. Note, The death of our relations should effectually remind us that we are not at home in this world.

His uneasiness till this affair was settled, intimated in that word, that I may bury my dead out of my sight. Note, Death will make those unpleasant to our sight who while they lived were the desire of our eyes. The countenance that was fresh and lively becomes pale and ghastly, and fit to be removed into the land of darkness. While she was in his sight, it renewed his grief, which he would prevent.

The generous offer which the children of Heth made to him, v. They compliment him,.

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With a title of respect: Thou art a prince of God among us, so the word is; not only great, but good. He called himself a stranger and a sojourner; they call him a great prince; for those that humble themselves shall be exalted. With a tender of the best of their burying-places. Note, Even the light of nature teaches us to be civil and respectful towards all, though they be strangers and sojourners.

The noble generosity of these Canaanites shames and condemns the closeness, and selfishness, and ill-humour, of many that call themselves Israelites. The particular proposal which Abraham made to them, v. Study This. Cross references: 1 Peter : See Lev. Bible Gateway Recommends.

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  2. Genesis 23:3-15; Abraham, Stranger & Sojourner: The Cave of Machpelah. B.C. 1857.
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He reached out his hand. She reach out hers from across a chasm. But as they touched and his grip was firm upon hers, she saw that the chasm was only a crack, and that it had always been so. As she watched, it closed and disappeared altogether. They looked into each other now, and the woman's soul swam outward through the liquid black of his eyes The sound of shattering glass.

Jan 20, Taryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: catholicism , well-read-mom , year-of-the-pilgrim. First, I have read conflicting reports on the order in which to read the books in this series.

Here is what the author says on his website: "Most of the novels can be read independently of the others. The latter three 4,5,6 can be read in any sequence. Primarily exploring Anne's journey of disbelief and belief, as well as her journey toward self and Love. Eloquently explores themes of love, marriage, fidelity, faith, superstition, community, gifts and talents, parenting, urban growth, war, morality, and more.

Almost magic realism at times, these words and themes and values will stay with me forever. Aug 14, Mary Dalton rated it it was amazing. What appealed to me most about this book was its honesty in regards to the character of Anne. Some readers might not "get" her angst, but it was right on target in terms of getting into the mind of a sensitive woman with an intellectual bend, who finds herself in a remote area, surrounded by people who mostly don't understand her and married to a man of a very different background.

Any person who has experienced even a little of this can relate to her situation. As a Catholic writer What appealed to me most about this book was its honesty in regards to the character of Anne. As a Catholic writer, O'Brien is interested in looking at life as a journey, or pilgrimage, towards a deeper relationship with the Unseen as it is in Anne's case -- but he never does this in an obvious or heavy-handed way.

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In fact, it's a little frustrating to see him pigeon-holed as a "Catholic Writer," when his books would actually have a wide appeal. You don't have to be any particular kind of believer to find the story compelling. This book is a lot. For such a long book that is so rich in detail, I was surprised that some of the characters felt pretty flat. I feel like it is a book full of potential that was never properly edited, polished, or developed. The protagonist, a woman named Anne, is i This book is a lot. This … was … not. Feb 19, Keary Onken rated it it was amazing. This book is absolutely amazing.

It will break your heart, and take your breath away with how beautiful it can be. To give a basic plot description would not do justice to it. In a way this book is bigger on the inside-- there is so much more going on beneath and beyond a basic plot description. A book of immense interiority, with great insights into our world and the human condition.

It is, among other things, a meditation on or reflection of chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, and This book is absolutely amazing. It is, among other things, a meditation on or reflection of chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, and it definitely has elements of magical or fantastical realism. But it is a book that can be read and enjoyed on many levels. This is a phenomenal book.

Apocalyptic but more than that, it serves as a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary. As a first novel it contains more of the author than any of his subsequent novels except perhaps A cry of Stone. The themes of the trilogy Children of the Last Days are all embedded in this story, linking them with the fabric of all lives and the story of humanity. This may be read and re-read. Jul 06, Kirsten rated it it was ok. Although this book was well written, and contained some lovely passages, on the whole I struggled to enjoy it.

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I found that the breadth of the novel limited the depth of the characters. Although there were many crises and dramas, I did not feel very invested in the story arc, and found it at times a little chaotic. Perhaps this is a genre that is just not my cup of tea! Feb 27, Brooke rated it liked it. I have mixed feeling towards this story.

For the most part I liked it and there were many parts that I loved but then the story would hit a lull and I would find myself drifting off until I hit the next interesting part. The story follows the life of a young English woman starting when she is very young. This is her journey in life and her struggle in a greater power.

Aug 31, Mary rated it really liked it. This is a wonderful tale about an Indian artist's journey in Canada. View 2 comments.

Strangers and Sojourners: v. 1

Nov 09, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: novels. I thought this book was entertaining with a pretty interesting story line, and I liked some of the Catholic themes throughout the book. I heard great things about this book, but maybe I just don't read enough novels to fully appreciate it.

It was worth reading but it wasn't amazing or anything. Jan 15, Jonna rated it really liked it Shelves: Wonderful novel with beautiful prose. Thoroughly enjoyed O'Brien's unique ways of describing ordinary life.

The Most Misunderstood Parable (Luke 10:30–37)

Only criticism is that too much of their later years of marriage were left out.