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If you answered yes to one or more items on the list, then you definitely have an asshole problem. No one wants to be around an asshole. Besides the daily aggravation, they can ruin your career prospects and general happiness. But assholes are not just bad for you personally, they are also bad for the business environment. Just witnessing someone being an asshole has a negative effect. According to research by Charlotte Rayner , it showed that 25 percent of bullied victims AND 20 percent of witnesses quit their jobs, compared to a typical quit rate of about 5 percent.

Finally, the daily damage of being in the presence of an asshole is hard to overcome. While it should be obvious that an asshole free workplace is ideal, two clear benefits are less employee turnover and more commitment to the organization. It also benefits the bottom line in other ways. According to Sutton, one of the best ways to avoid assholes is to change your hiring practices. Second, Sutton suggests you involve more people in the hiring process. When interviewing a potential new employee, have this person meet with people above their position, below their position, and at the same level to get a sense of their personality.

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Also make sure you have very few assholes on the hiring committee, since like attracts like, assholes tend to hire other assholes. I was sitting on the fence until you contacted me. His behavior is intolerable and unbearable at times. So far, turning the other cheek is an extremely difficult exercise. Or, have your kids take up hockey.

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Parents really cannot interact with kids because of the glass. Guy- This is a good list of bad behaviors in both personal and corporate situations. Two questions: 1. This works with anyone who has less of a capacity of being an asshole than you do. My favorite recurring example is someone who comes to me and says that he needs me to do such and such yesterday or his credibility will suffer.

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Anyone care to brainstorm? Matthew S. At the same time, when you have to be firm, you remain respectful an employee is as much a human being as you are. The sense of humor lets people relax; the sense of respect discourages going postal. In other words: you reap what you sow.

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  • But there are also real introvert assholes, who present actual problems as opposed to simply a different communication style. Differentiating them is difficult and is important when building teams of people that tend to be introverts — engineering, software development, etc. Do you know of any similar tests for diagnosing introvert assholes? Guy, Thanks for the post on my book! And I wanted to thank everyone for the great — and quite insightful — comments.

    I also want to add a bit more to the Harvard Business School story. Guy is right, they wanted the book, but not the title. But there are also two other interesting twists. Any bets on the Ballmer watch. The best way to avoid them is to not work for them in the first place. Remember that you are interviewing the company to see if you want to work there too. Guy, Actually you are a fan of profanity as I recall. When I was working for a non-profit a few years back my ED and her co-hort were giving you a presentation so that you could provide them with feedback.

    You gave them quite a down to earth ear full, profanity and all. I came to respect you much more than I could ever respect the ED after that. I have often regretted it. I will get back to you on this. Then it sometimes turn into an argument. Thanks, Guy. Guy, it maybe takes being a bit of an asshole to use objectionable terms repeatedly to attract readers.

    Maybe it has a shocking, take a second look effect the first couple of times, but after a few paragraphs and 15 instances, it loses all value, having numbed the mind for the next instances. And that I thought that by using it more, I would get more readers? How would one review a book called The No Asshole Rule without using the word asshole? And to switch to jerk after the first instance, I think, is chicken shiitake to use another profanity. Once I decided to cover the book and topic, I decided to also be consistent.

    Anyway, we are all assholes.

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    Hey Guy, Your google test is being unfairly cruel to you because it is guilty of a base-rate fallacy. You need to normalize this to get something comparative out of it — account for the fact that you will get more mentions with ANY word in the English language than smelly old Carly Fiorina. Take your number and divide by total hits without the word asshole in there. Guy Kawasaki: 4,, Guy Kawasaki asshole: 72, for me — different google cluster? I suspect a logarithmic normalization since extremely high notoriety leads to too many bozos writing about you and veiling their true feelings.

    To take some more striking examples though, Tom Cruise has an AQ in the 20s, and Rush Limbaugh blows the scales at nearly I loved it. If you will calculate the log score of ten or so famous people, I will publish along with your methodology. Guy Kawasaki reviews a book about being a more civilized employee and gives some excellent tips on being a better person. As usual, his advice can easily be applied in non-business areas, because its all about interpersonal interactions.

    The go…. Scrubs — that damn funny show with Zak Braff that my wife loves…. They talk about it alot on the DVD extras. The creator, Bill Lawrence, apparently made it very clear from the start that if you want to stay on the show, you have to be nice, funny, and not too full of yourself. In short — no assholes. It works. I find it amusing how when you use the Starbucks test with the overly pointed coffee request, the example used is Female.

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    So what you noticed is just part of the normal course of bloggin for me. Is there a recovery group somewhere I can plug into? Thus, you may be alone in your quest for a recovery group.

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    Consider that in Italy the word is much stronger, although is used more frequently, as suggested by a reader of the original post. The other words may mean nearly the same thing, but simply lack the emotional punch that goes with it. It is part of a list of principals that are posted all over our office. Changing the world? Where did you get that one?

    Arrogance can often reveal itself in conversations. I delineate three kinds of people: someone who talks with you, someone who talks at you, and someone who talks to you.

    How to Deal With an Asshole Boss

    Something about the hot foam next to the plastic, releasing carcinogenic chemicals. We need more asshole testing in Denmark Din lista de comportamente zilnice ale unui astfel de personaj e de reti…. I am with Dacio on definitions. I think what Bob meant is to describe a behavior we sometimes get caught into. We forget ourselves and proceed to step outside our boundaries. The other kind never, ever forgets themselves.

    They always act in a me-centered self-interest mode with no thought — or care — whatsoever to the impact they have on others. I cannot come close to reviewing this book or analyzing it any better than Guy Kawasaki did today. To do so…would probably make me look like an….

    Buy less, buy local, make it yourself. If you really want Change, keep it in your pocket. Hey Guy, Thanks for the high praise — glad you enjoyed. Some observations: — Most popular people tend to cluster in the s sort of like FICO credit scores — correlation? As a matter of fair disclosure, my own stats show me to be a reasonably nice guy, clearly I need to offend more people:. The self-appointed asshole at my former start-up singlehandedly prevented us from being successful.

    Do not underestimate the toxic effect of having an asshole in a small company, especially a start-up. One question is if there is a difference between asshole behavior and being an asshole. I tend to think that some people are real assholes, either for their whole lives or for significant segments of their lives.